Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McQueen Resort 2010

Catching up on all the Resort collections that I missed out on seeing while I was travelling and am so struck by McQueen Resort 2010.  Its such a bizarre mix of references, with splattered paint, lacework and geometry.  The images below are the ones that really grabbed me, especially the intricate lace.  Love it!  I want to see Diane Kruger in that yellow dress - now that would perfection.


Here are a couple of other things we spotted in Morocco.  The first is the shop-sign from Dentist in Fes.  Again, like most of the stuff we loved, it was the simplicity of this that we thought was great.  The other images are of a craftsman we met who carved intricate patterns out of plaster tiles for mosques and other important buildings - the detail was amazing and he was kind enough to let us take a photo.


I found this egg stall in Tangier, Morocco.  I just loved the simplicity of it.  Not big signs, no tricky marketing tactics.  Just eggs.  I guess it's not technically design, but it's beautiful nonetheless.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Budapest was surprisingly full of street art and great fashion, book and art stores.  Lots of amazing vintage finds and a seriously great bars.  Shame about the horrible ballet.  We had our eyes and ears assaulted when we went and actually left early (so rude, I know) because it was so hideous.  



We hit up Amsterdam for a few days and stayed with some friends.  We were those for the Queens Day weekend, which is absolutely manic (must post photos of that later on...) but wanted to share some of the little things that caught our eye.


God I miss Copenhagen.  Here are some bits and pieces from around our neighbourhood.


We caught the cycling bug in Copenhagen big time and it's spilled over into our lives in Melbourne in a big way.  Bikes were one of the things that we ended up photographing the most - here is one of my favourites - a DIY spray job to create a Gold bike.


Photos by the better half of the Arne Jacobsen petrol station just outside Copenhagen.  I missed out on this day and have been regretting it big time.  Road trip out of town with cold beers and classic architecture - what was I thinking!  Next time...


Always love visiting London and this time, found some especially funny things to photograph.  For example, the $1 million maybach in matte orange - ?? Each to their own.


While we were in London we stayed at our favourite place, The Hoxton in Shoreditch (  The view out our window was so nice to wake up each morning.  It was  just a (slightly seedy) laneway but had one lovely big wall that lit up the whole street. 

Monday, August 24, 2009


The street art of Berlin takes the cake - more colourful and vibrant than anywhere else I've been (including Rio, which I didn't expect).  Intricate, funny, political and always in the most unexpected places.  

Welcome to Chop Chop

Chop Chop has a soft spot for great design.  It might be a dress, a kettle, a bike or a street lamp, if we like it, we'll share it with you.  Come by any time to see what we've found and tell us what you think.