Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Peachy

In a way that only I can, I've fallen in love with a pair of completely high maintenance, easily damaged and potentially unsafe shoes.  Peach suede - yummy! They look high but that platform would make them comfy(er) to walk in.  I just can't stop fantasising about wearing these in summer with a plum coloured pedicure and stripy breton tees.  Oooooh dear, so much for the shopping ban.

Waspy Knotted Wedges in Dark Rose from

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wishlist - Public cycling gloves

I don't cycle as much as I should.  I've got the BEST bike, custom made by The Hunny, lovely pale blue with a purple chain, rides like a dream, saddle carried all the way home from Latvia.  It's bloody cold in Melbourne at the moment though and I'm a big big wuss who likes to have her hair look nice when she gets to work.  I also don't like to have sore calloused hands from holding on for dear life over all the bumps on the road.  I can solve one aspect of this problem if I can get my mits on these sweeeeet cycling gloves from Public.  Only problem being, they don't ship outside the US.  Oh well, driving to work it is....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LIFEwithBIRD clearance sale

Yay!  The shop gods must have heard me complaining that all the good sample sales are in Sydney because the LIFEwithBIRD end of season sale starts today in both their Melbourne's GPO and Brunswick street stores!  Open from July 9.

To clog or not to clog

I'm not sold on the clog.  They're getting alot of editorial love, and I've seen them work awfully well on some people.  They are comfortable, even if they don't look it, and my love of costume-y fashion options is well known and documented.  But I'm still not sold on the clog.

I've found another option that might be right for me at my mecca of fast and affordable fashion, Sportsgirl.  At just over $100, these aren't a steal, but they look sturdy and comfy (not the sexiest qualities, I know), and will look cute with cuffed jeans.  They also look like they'll be good for clomping my way around NYC this September.  Hmmm....decisions, decisions.....

Golly pods

Because our garden has turned from a lush little paradise to a pile of soily slush over winter, I've become more and more interested in anything green-thumb or garden related.  Stumbling across 'Golly Pods', a collaboration between Jason Lane of Bells & Whistles and Tend, I've been thinking about the potential to bring little pockets of green inside. Tend are a group that create products based on a love of both gardening and modern design - no wonder I like them. Find out more at

Maybe I'll move to Sydney

I love that I'm lucky enough to get the heads up on some great sample sales from Australian designers and retailers.  I hate that I live in Melbourne and more often than not, these sales are in Sydney.  Exhibit A - ELLERY sample sale this week on Crown Street.  Bum.

Flat footed

I have a bit of an aversion to wearing heels all day.  I love heels, they make me just that teensy bit taller (which I need) and they look great when I stand still.  I do have the problem however, of looking like a bit of a moron when I try to walk in them.  Solution = amazing flats.

I found these lovely little brogues at Zomp ( recently.  They're by a brand called Lilimill and they're lovely and buttery soft leather.  Very tempting indeed.  Although, I don't know how practical white shoes would be in rainy grubby Melbourne (and of course those are the ones I want).

If you want to find out more about the brand and where you might be able to fins them near you, head to

I am a sucker for Arnsdorf OPTICKS

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for Arnsdorf, I've written about Jade's work before, but now it seems we are facing quite a significant problem. I have a particular passion for pattern and print.  I also happen to have a vast (and expanding) collection of pants and coats.  This poses the difficulty of me being massively obsessed by the amaaaaaaing trench and pant from the SS 10/11 Arnsdorf collection. And that lovely structured skirt ain't half bad either.

CRAP.  This obsession has to stop. I don't have any more money or room for this to continue.  Problem being, I also can't live without these lovely lovely pieces.  No really, I'll die.  I'd better get both then.

puppy love

No design here, no fancy lights interiors or fashion, just my pup Bella.

She's divine. 

That's all!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

oooooh light pretties

Finding great ceiling lights has been a major pain in the A since we moved into the new place.  One of the first things we (or rather, I) did was to rip the old brass old-style lights with little glass details out of the ceiling and replaced them with the infinitely nicer looking but still not perfect 'Melodi' lamps (below).  Yes, they're made from plastic but they look great and are quite unnoticeable, letting the better parts of each room shine. Plus they were $14.99 each (!!!!!) and I was skint, so done deal.
MELODIPendant lampDiameter: 28 cm Total height: 195 cm Shade height: 26 cm
Now however, it's time for an upgrade.  The hallway needs something just a little bit more special.  The furore lamp by German designer Lima De Lezando has put me in a bit of a spin.  I'm a sucker for any kind of rose or brass toned metal and I looooove these fluid shapes that make it look like they're growing out of the ceiling.  

Says the designer:
"The FURORE lamp consists of 7 differently formed steel-arms. Illuminating glass bodies are attached to the steel-arms. It is the perfect design object for gastronomy and hotels. With its gentle light FURORE creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere."

Well yes, gastronomy and hotels....and my hallway.  Thankyou Lima.

images from

House envy

Have been suffering from a mad case of house envy recently due to far much time spent on the internet looking for house-fix  inspirations.  Stumbled across this place online today designed by California-based designer and developer Steve Hermann (via and have fallen deeply in lust, it's pretty pretty.

Its interior is probably decked out in a way that's a little too minimal for my tastes, but there's nothing wrong with a big white flat house and a lush green lawn (especially if you have a big garage to hide all the hunny's bikes in underneath so we don't have to look at them/trip over them in the hall any more).

The landscaping is especially lovely, although keeping our teeny patch of lawn mowed is a nightmare so I can't imagine what the maintenance on a bohemoth like this would be.

I'm not usually big on houses that end up looking like museums, but give me a big white slab and a fancy lawn any day.

Ikea, den of temptation and torture

Ok, so we need some things for the new house (insert massive groan from boyfriend here).  Well, the house isn't technically new as it has been about 6 months now but hey, who's counting.  Things are coming together pretty well but we do need some help with the finishing touches like the cushion department and so far, my search has only led to overpriced divine things and hideous, hideous affordable things (yes spotlight, I'm talking to you).

The solution, of course is DIY and the place to go, of course, is the den of doom, Ikea .  I have an odd relationship with Ikea .  One part lust to two parts torture.  There's no feeling like the exhaustion after an Ikea run, but it's so so lovely to get home with the lovely white and shiny things that didn't break the bank.

So, here it it, the fabric from Ikea that will soon be 'pillowed' for Le House.  Everyone will probably hate this, but I think it's divine.  Big, graphic bulldogs in navy - done.Number 2 is the "Charlotta Block"...I'm thinking a big collection of mish-mashed prints will work well as long as they all belong to the same colour family (hate that term).

Lastly, the great origami print.  It's a little hard to see in this pic but so great in real life.  

I like these fabrics and it's all well and good to take on a little craft project at home, but what I want to know is WHY THE HECK IS IT SO EXPENSIVE TO BUY PRE MADE CUSHIONS FOR MY SOFA.

Ok, the cushion rant is over.
VARMT HUNDFabricdark blue/whiteWidth: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 100 cm
CHARLOTTA BLOCKFabricgrey, whiteWidth: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 62 cm

CHARLOTTA VILDFabricgrey, whiteWidth: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 62 cm