Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ikea, den of temptation and torture

Ok, so we need some things for the new house (insert massive groan from boyfriend here).  Well, the house isn't technically new as it has been about 6 months now but hey, who's counting.  Things are coming together pretty well but we do need some help with the finishing touches like the cushion department and so far, my search has only led to overpriced divine things and hideous, hideous affordable things (yes spotlight, I'm talking to you).

The solution, of course is DIY and the place to go, of course, is the den of doom, Ikea .  I have an odd relationship with Ikea .  One part lust to two parts torture.  There's no feeling like the exhaustion after an Ikea run, but it's so so lovely to get home with the lovely white and shiny things that didn't break the bank.

So, here it it, the fabric from Ikea that will soon be 'pillowed' for Le House.  Everyone will probably hate this, but I think it's divine.  Big, graphic bulldogs in navy - done.Number 2 is the "Charlotta Block"...I'm thinking a big collection of mish-mashed prints will work well as long as they all belong to the same colour family (hate that term).

Lastly, the great origami print.  It's a little hard to see in this pic but so great in real life.  

I like these fabrics and it's all well and good to take on a little craft project at home, but what I want to know is WHY THE HECK IS IT SO EXPENSIVE TO BUY PRE MADE CUSHIONS FOR MY SOFA.

Ok, the cushion rant is over.
VARMT HUNDFabricdark blue/whiteWidth: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 100 cm
CHARLOTTA BLOCKFabricgrey, whiteWidth: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 62 cm

CHARLOTTA VILDFabricgrey, whiteWidth: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 62 cm

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