Wednesday, July 7, 2010

House envy

Have been suffering from a mad case of house envy recently due to far much time spent on the internet looking for house-fix  inspirations.  Stumbled across this place online today designed by California-based designer and developer Steve Hermann (via and have fallen deeply in lust, it's pretty pretty.

Its interior is probably decked out in a way that's a little too minimal for my tastes, but there's nothing wrong with a big white flat house and a lush green lawn (especially if you have a big garage to hide all the hunny's bikes in underneath so we don't have to look at them/trip over them in the hall any more).

The landscaping is especially lovely, although keeping our teeny patch of lawn mowed is a nightmare so I can't imagine what the maintenance on a bohemoth like this would be.

I'm not usually big on houses that end up looking like museums, but give me a big white slab and a fancy lawn any day.

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