Wednesday, July 7, 2010

oooooh light pretties

Finding great ceiling lights has been a major pain in the A since we moved into the new place.  One of the first things we (or rather, I) did was to rip the old brass old-style lights with little glass details out of the ceiling and replaced them with the infinitely nicer looking but still not perfect 'Melodi' lamps (below).  Yes, they're made from plastic but they look great and are quite unnoticeable, letting the better parts of each room shine. Plus they were $14.99 each (!!!!!) and I was skint, so done deal.
MELODIPendant lampDiameter: 28 cm Total height: 195 cm Shade height: 26 cm
Now however, it's time for an upgrade.  The hallway needs something just a little bit more special.  The furore lamp by German designer Lima De Lezando has put me in a bit of a spin.  I'm a sucker for any kind of rose or brass toned metal and I looooove these fluid shapes that make it look like they're growing out of the ceiling.  

Says the designer:
"The FURORE lamp consists of 7 differently formed steel-arms. Illuminating glass bodies are attached to the steel-arms. It is the perfect design object for gastronomy and hotels. With its gentle light FURORE creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere."

Well yes, gastronomy and hotels....and my hallway.  Thankyou Lima.

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